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Date, time and datetime pickers now have a new option. When adding these elements to your form you can select how you would like the initial value of the element to be set. 

Where previously, the initial value defaulted to the current date or time, now there are three options: 

  • No initial date. This will leave the initial date blank.
  • Today's date. This will set the initial date to the current date (based on the responder's timezone) or the current time.
  • Custom date. This will set the date or time to one of your choosing.

This small addition is an example of how we hope to add more flexibility to the type of forms that are possible to create in Slack using

They are also the first addition to make use of the major updates we released in the 2.0 version which you can read about here. 

This update introduced more inputs, and a new flow for adding custom options to those inputs. 


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Written by: Joshua

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