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Create, manage and send unlimited forms in Slack! The best way to collect responses in Slack.

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1000's of forms created by teams like...

Easily create and submit Forms in Slack

Let your team quickly submit feedback, product requests, new ideas and more.

Assign forms to channels or keywords for fast access.

Quickly create all kinds of forms!

The fully embedded Form Creator lets you add many different input types including channel selectors, custom drop downs and datepickers without ever leaving Slack.

Give your inputs a title and description and adjust settings to capture the information you need.

See all available input types.

Manage forms without leaving Slack

Our dashboard means you never have to leave Slack or have your team learn a new system.

Need to update a Form? You can edit or preview Forms all within the dashboard.

Learn more about editing Forms

Open a Form anywhere in Slack

Assign Forms to a particular channel and use the /form command to automatically open it.

Want to have your Form available in any Slack channel? Assign it a keyword like "lunch" and trigger it using /form lunch .

Learn more about assigning forms for channels and keywords

Send Responses to 3,000+ apps

Need to do something with your Form responses?

Using our free Zapier integration you can send any form response to Google Sheets, Notion or 3,000+ other apps.

Learn more about sending Form responses to Zapier

Keep your work in Slack

IT requests, job submissions, lunch decisions! Your team is already working in Slack but using threads and channels in an inconsistent way.

Loose flowing text leads to inconsistent data, back-and-forth questions, missed information and time spent collecting it all.

Using Forms with Slack gives you back control over how your team is submitting requests. Create Forms that capture all the data you need using the built in editor and give your team an easy way to submit data consistently.


"Very helpful tool for coaches using slack with clients."

Great tool. Really helps for individual or group coaching updates. Simple and very effective 🙏🏼 - TJ

How are people using Forms?

  • IT Requests

    Let users request make IT provisioning requests using structured data and avoid back and forth questions.

  • Customer Feedback

    Give your team a quick and easy way to submit customer feedback and requests.

  • Job Requests

    Never delay job requests again by making sure people are submitting all of the information people need.

  • Support Triage

    Quickly triage support tickets to the right team.

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