How to create a Form

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 Here is how you can create Forms using the Forms app. 


1. Install the app by signing in with Slack below:

Add to Slack


2. Open the Forms app

You can see it in your "Apps" sidebar, or search in Slack (CMD + K) for "Forms" 

3. Click "Create new Form"


4. Add the inputs you would like for your form

You can give each element a title as well


5. (Recommended) Give your form a title and description

Titles make it easier to manage your form



6. Assign your form to a channel or keyword

If you just want your Form in one channel assign it to a channel. If you want to trigger your form with a keyword assign it to a keyword. Learn more about the difference here.


7. Preview and Create your form



8. Test your form using the /form Slash command