How to create a Employee Shift Swap Form in Slack for restaurants

Allows employees to request a shift swap with another employee.

Great for restaurants

Need to swap a shift with a coworker? Use this Shift Swap form to provide details of the shift, including date, time, partner, and reason for the swap. Submit the form to make the request and wait for approval!

Add the Employee Shift Swap form to your workspace to update it's title, add more inputs and change how it's used in by your team in Slack.

Used by these great teams...

Add this form to your Slack workspace...

Sign in with Slack to add Forms to your Slack workspace. The Employee Shift Swap form will be preconfigured for you.

Open this the form in any Slack channel using the slash command: /form Employee Shift Swap


Want to review or test the Employee Shift Swap form yourself? Here is the raw JSON you can use with Slack's Block Kit builder:

{"type":"modal","title":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Shift Swap","emoji":true},"submit":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Submit","emoji":true},"close":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Cancel","emoji":true},"blocks":[{"type":"section","block_id":"shift_swap_title","text":{"type":"mrkdwn","text":"Please provide details of the shift swap:"}},{"type":"input","block_id":"shift_date","element":{"type":"datepicker","initial_date":"2021-08-01","placeholder":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Select a date","emoji":true}},"label":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Shift Date","emoji":true}},{"type":"input","block_id":"shift_time","element":{"type":"timepicker","initial_time":"09:00","placeholder":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Select a time","emoji":true}},"label":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Shift Time","emoji":true}},{"type":"input","block_id":"shift_partner","element":{"type":"users_select","placeholder":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Select a partner","emoji":true}},"label":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Shift Partner","emoji":true}},{"type":"input","block_id":"shift_reason","element":{"type":"plain_text_input","action_id":"shift_reason_input","multiline":true,"placeholder":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Enter a brief reason for the shift swap","emoji":true}},"label":{"type":"plain_text","text":"Reason","emoji":true}}]}

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