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This guide will show you how you can connect Forms for Slack to 3,000+ apps using


1. Install the Forms app

 If you haven't installed the Forms app, that's the first thing you'll want to do. You can install the app for free by signing in to Slack:

Add to Slack 

2. Open Slack


3. Open the "forms" app under the "Apps" section.

If it's not visible under "Apps" click the "+" sign and search for "Forms"

click on forms app to connect slack forms to zapier

4. Click on "Integrations"

In the app Home for "forms" you should have an "Integrations" button.

slack forms zapier integration

5. Generate your Zapier API key. If you already have a key, copy the key here.

Your API key is unique to your team (not user). If your key is compromised for some reason, you can always generate a new key. However, you'll need to update your Zapier credentials too.

generate zapier api key for slack forms

6. Open and sign in. Create a new Zap

You can search for "Forms for Slack" in your Zapier dashboard, or click on "Create a Zap".


7. Search "Forms for Slack"

 create a new zap or search for the forms for slack app

8. Choose the Trigger and then "Sign in to Forms for Slack"

sign in to forms for slack in Zapier

9. Paste your API Key.

Important: Make sure you don't include an extra space when copying over your API key from Slack.

paste forms for slack api key into zapier screenshot



That's it! Your Forms for Slack account should now be connected to Zapier. Using this integration you can connect your form responses to over 3,000+ different systems including Google Sheets and many more! 

If you still don't have Forms installed and want to send your Slack form submissions to another system, you can get started for free with the Forms for Slack app by signing in with this button:


Add to Slack


You can also read more about the Zapier integration and how it works here.