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In the last year and a half, the global workforce has shifted on its axis, having to adapt and realign with a stark new reality that essentially forced immense transformation into motion. Businesses across all industries have had to reimagine the way that they navigate their inner (and outer) operations and services.

One of the biggest transformations has been the shift to remote work for even the most traditionally inclined companies. When traditional foundations were thrust into a position of having to at least temporarily shut their doors, the remote workforce grew exponentially on an international scale. In a space of just a few months, even the most traditionally inclined companies and industries were operating at least somewhat remotely. With this in mind, the rising popularity and overall demand of tools like Slack has given way to the more integral framework of Slack today. 

While Slack is by no means a tool that is strictly utilised for remote frameworks, it is definitely more popular than ever in the remote framework. As more companies are continuing to invest in Slack to make their workplace function and thrive easier and more efficiently in this new reality, the demand for tools that integrate easily into the platform is also surging. One of the biggest points of interest is the use of Google-like forms in Slack. This is exactly where and why Slack Forms was bridge these types of gaps. As workplaces adjust to a new norm, the demand for tools like Slack Forms and Slack Scheduler’s Advanced Scheduler option is being answered. We are excited and proud to be at the forefront of this.

Create Google-like Forms in Slack

The globally high utilisation of Google Forms has resulted in more interest than ever in finding the best possible tools that can implement Google-like form structures in their everyday apps and operations. Slack Forms effectively bridges gaps to allow you to be able to create Google-like Forms in Slack. These forms can be used for many different reasons, including content marketing, support tickets, and remote team collaborations. The capability to use Slack Forms as a Google-like form structure enables you to not just create but successfully manage countless forms through the Slack app. 

The value of Slack Forms for your team

At a time where innovations like Google Forms continue to prove their value exponentially, tools like Slack Forms are proving to be more valuable than ever. The forms Zapier integration allows for streamlined access and connection between not just Slack and Slack Forms but thousands of other apps as well.This means that you can create your own custom-build integrations that allows you to stay on top of your Slack Forms and keep them connected to other apps with ease and transparency. Making the modern workplace more convenient, more efficient, and more supported through an interconnected landscape via Slack, Slack Forms is not just more valuable than continues to gain valuable momentum more all the time.


Using the Slack Forms app to manage forms in Slack

Of course, the very nature and overall goal of Slack Forms is to give you the capability to use the Slack Forms app to create and manage forms in Slack. The streamlined capability and access of Slack Forms makes it a powerful app that can be used in all industries (and especially in a remote framework, where staying connected to what everyone in a workplace is doing can be a challenge at times). The capability to be able to not only finally create forms in Slack, but use and manage them, is the biggest benefit of Slack Forms. We created this app to assist workplaces around the globe in creating and maintaining a more convenient and efficient way of carrying out day-to-day operations.


Final thoughts

Slack Forms has been an app that has been designed and intended from the beginning to create a better, more reliable way for workplaces and individuals to create and manage forms through a professional platform that is constantly proving to become more popular and more valuable. Of course, while Slack Forms has proven its value many times over, this is also an app that we are always looking to enhance and improve. We know that there is always room for improvement. So, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know! In the meantime, happy form creation! 

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Written by: Brittany

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