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Creating forms is a fantastic way to create more efficiency surrounding communications and tasks for yourself and your team. From using forms as the go-to for team connection during events and projects to creating forms to brainstorm and direct concepts from the get-go, Slack Forms is designed to give you more functionality and overall convenience and reliability in your workplace.

The process to create new forms has never been easier. Even so, sometimes having to spend valuable time filling out every single input field can be a time consuming process. For those that do not need or want to fill out every individual input field, you can take advantage of our optional form fields. The optional form fields have many benefits to your workflow via form creation.

Making form creation concise 

The entire point of optional form fields is to make the form creation process more concise. It can be frustrating to have to fill out every single input field when you do not necessarily need all of them to be filled for the functionality of the form in question. Optional form fields make form creation more concise and more convenient for you.


Maximising efficiency 

By making form input fields optional at the time of form creation, you allow yourself the luxury of time efficiency - which, as we all know, is more valuable than ever in the modern workforce. With so many things being taken care of at the same time and with so much happening in all aspects of the business, being able to maximise efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of optional form fields.


Giving you more creative control

The freedom to be able to create forms how you want to is something that continues to become more valuable to our users. In making form fields optional, we are giving you more capability on your end, allowing you to make the most out of forms and form creation without having to seek assistance for this particular aspect of form creation.



Optional form fields are one of the features that we are most excited about for Forms - and we hope that you are excited about it, too!

We are always looking for ways to further enhance and improve Slack Forms. Feel free to share your ideas with us via email.

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Written by: Brittany

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