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Slack is a fantastic platform that has allowed workspaces of all natures and sizes to connect and stay connected in active and meaningful ways. These days, Slack is more integral than ever and it only continues to become more so every other day. Additionally, apps that increase functionality on Slack are becoming more popular too. When it was first introduced, Slack Forms was designed and released with the goal and purpose of creating a more convenient and efficient way for companies and industries around the globe to function in their day-to-day operations. 

In alignment with Slack Scheduler and its dashboard and advanced scheduler features, Slack Forms continues to prove to be monumentally valuable in Since its release, Slack Forms has proven to be successfully applicable in various ways for companies across all industries. We sometimes get questions about if/how users can get the most use out of Slack Forms. One of the biggest demands that Slack users have is to have a way to create support tickets that is easier to navigate and stay on top of than channels. We all know that sometimes, posting a question in a channel (i.e. a support ticket) can sometimes result in that question getting lost all too easily in a channel that is quite active and is always being added to. 

It can be frustrating, to say the least, when you have so much to do, to comb through a busy channel to find the answer and be able to go back to it as often as you would like to with ease. Fortunately, you can use Slack Forms to bridge this gap and find a better way to navigate and maintain support tickets every day. We have posted before about using Slack Forms as a support ticket system. So, what are the top three benefits of using Slack Forms as your support ticket system on Slack?

Streamlined questions and responses

The demand for convenient and efficient apps to maximise the value of Slack is (arguably) stronger than it has ever been. Having a reliable way to work on support tickets from start to finish makes a world of difference in positive ways. Being able to go to one support form, knowing that any and all answers are going to be there, is a great initiative and general standard for convenience and peace of mind.

More effective time management

Arguably the most valuable benefit of using Slack Forms as a support ticket system on Slack is that it essentially allows you to save hours upon hours having to comb through different channels, looking for the relevant answer. The use of a Slack Form for support tickets allows for a quick, no-nonsense approach to asking questions and getting answers in a reliable way throughout the workplace, without ever having to comb through countless pings in a channel. This allows you to establish and build on enhancing and improving time management.

Avoiding the chaos of channels

As mentioned above, it can be quite frustrating to post a support ticket in a channel, going back for an answer, and finding that it has gotten lost in the chaos of a busy day, lost among everything else. At a time where it can be overwhelming to stay on top of support tickets in channels, using Slack Forms as the support ticket approach for your company means that channels can stay dedicated to other aspects of the business and Slack Forms can be the home for ongoing support ticket objectives.

Final thoughts

The use of Slack Forms as the support ticket function for workplaces across varying industries is just one of the great uses of Slack Forms. Streamlining questions and answers, prioritising time management, and avoiding the chaos of busy channels are fantastic reasons to implement Slack Forms in this way. Say goodbye to miscommunications and missed solutions in your channels, and say hello to a better, more reliable way to organise your support ticket systems!

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Written by: Brittany

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