Form Limits and Complexity

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While most users should not reach the limits that Slack Forms has, there are some limits in place. 

Each input added contains certain options such as title, whether or not the input is optional, maximum selections etc. 

These details must be stored with the form, and must not exceed a certain limit in order for Slack to display your form.

Wherever possible we have removed unnecessary data and compressed required data. You may find that you are still able to save your form, but just not edit a certain input. This is because your entire form, as well as it's options, need to be passed through to the edit screen, whereas for saving the form we can store the options with form inputs directly.

If you are seeing an error about your form being too long, some tips include:

  • Replace custom select inputs with other inputs such as singleline or multiline responses
  • Use default values where possible
  • Reduce the length of your titles
  • Remove inputs

Even a high-complexity form where every input has maxed out options should be able to have at least 20 inputs. For a more standard form with fewer options added, we expect forms to handle 40 or more inputs, depending on the complexity and options of each input. 

We have had few use cases from teams requiring higher complexity than this, but if you do please contact us to discuss your use case as we are always looking to optimise this further.

If you're seeing this page because you have run in to a limit with your form, please contact us and we will try to address the limitation where possible.