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For decades, the way that we work has been through many different evolutions. Every one of these phases has been marked by the concepts and inventions that have been introduced (and built upon ever since). In the last few years, what we have seen more and more is that individuals are getting to a point where they want to have more control over not just the nature of their work but also how and where they go to work. In all different parts of the world, this is a new reality. Being able to have complete control over your career - regardless of how you want to pursue that career - is a gift and a goal for millions of individuals today. The time management and workflow of the everyday operations and standards of a job or a business can be overwhelming to deal with, to say the least. 

It is incredibly important for individuals to be able to achieve a high standard of attention to detail and quality in one’s work, especially in a world that is more digitally and technologically focused (making the career space more competitive). Being able to add value to your workflow and time management can make a world of difference in the best of ways. Today, Slack is a workplace app that gives employees and employers more control. And while it is fantastic, apps like Slack Forms and Slack Scheduler have been created and intended to add further value to time management and workflow on a global scale. With this in mind, what are four ways that Slack Forms adds significant value to these important aspects of one’s career?


1. Creating a structured approach to support

Support is a crucial aspect of any company’s day-to-day operations. Many workplaces - especially those that function remotely - often struggle with having a sole place to structure their support team’s work. For some companies, the solution to this struggle is to build their own infrastructure that is designed for this specific purpose. For others, having access to tools that make it easier to maintain the approach that they take. Slack Forms can be used as a tool to create and maintain a structured support ticket system (NOTE: THIS WILL BE BACKLINK TO THE ‘3 BENEFITS OF USING SF AS SUPPORT). Forms can be used as a way for support team members to have a cohesive way to engage with, build upon, and solve support issues. 


2. Being able to consistently build on concepts and ideas in one space

One of the biggest benefits of Slack Forms is that it essentially creates a cohesive space not just for support but also any other creative or functionality project. In creating a form, you can first send out the purpose of the form and highlight its use to all who will have access to it. After that, you can use your form to connect entire teams (regardless of where in the world they are working from), giving them a place to work together through solutions to figure out the best pathway forward. Having one set space to build on concepts and ideas means that your team can spend less time having to look through countless channels and keywords to find all of the information that just be put into the one Slack Form, built upon over time.


3. Cutting down time across channels by using Forms

There is nothing more frustrating than spending upwards of a few hours every day trying to stay up to date with all of the pings that have come in overnight or during the day. Time management can be tricky. This is of course especially true for remote teams. Slack Forms can increase workflow and maximise time management by effectively using forms as frameworks for different aspects of the company. In successfully cutting down the (sometimes overwhelming) amount of time spent on staying on top of every single aspect of the business, your time management becomes easier in the moment and as time goes by.


4. Zapier integration streamlines Forms use into one virtual workspace framework

The relatively fresh feature of Zapier integration is one of the most exciting ways that Slack Forms adds significant value to the day-to-day operations and services of businesses today. We all know that it can be time consuming and disjointing to the workflow of your job to be constantly going back and forth in different apps to ensure that everything is done how and when it needs to be. Slack Forms’ Zapier integration means that you can share and work on your forms in an integration that has been built to cater to the harmonious collaboration of Slack Forms and the rest of the apps and services that your company utilises.



For thousands upon thousands of companies around the world, there is a peace of mind that comes with having the best quality operations and services possible under their umbrella. Apps like Slack Forms and Slack Scheduler add significant value to time management and workflow for businesses across all industries. As time goes on, we are always working on enhancing the features and functionality of these apps to further improve your experience with them as a user. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please reach out and pass them on to our team. We would love to hear from you!

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Written by: Brittany

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