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It's been a minute since we published a major development update as we've been working on smaller fixes. We're aiming to begin publishing updates progressively faster into 2023.

This update contains many overdue improvements and customer facing bug fixes. 

  • The major work was transitioning the Form's text for everything from buttons to labels and descriptions into a central place. This will allow us to make updates to the app faster and safer. It will also mean we can add new elements for Forms faster (new elements are scheduled for the next update) and that we could fix some embarrassing typos.
  • We've also improved links to help articles throughout the app to make it easier to understand how to create and use a Form in Slack.
  • We've added in banners to the dashboard to show your trial status to help ensure your service is not disrupted. 
  • Because our app essentially needs to communicate with Slack every time a button is pressed, speed is very important. To address that we've made several small improvements to how we look up and verify data, to improve response times. 
  • Behind the scenes we've built a robust data reporting and internal tool. While not something you'll experience directly when creating a form, it will allow us to provide better customer service and troubleshooting should it be needed.

The next update will focus on adding new elements and minor bug fixes before we visit a bigger re-skin in 2023 which will enable more complex use cases.


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Written by: Josh

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