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This month we updated our pricing and as part of that work introduced a range of new features to better accomodate a broader range of teams and help grow our development team. 

  • Form permissions can now be set. You can set a form to private so that only you can see it, or share it with individual people
  • Form backups are available on our highest plan
  • We introduced priority chat and email support
  • Forms, form field count and form responses are now tracked. Form responses are still not ever saved, but this allows us to understand how different types of teams are using Forms and how we can better serve them
  • We now support >3,000 character responses for fields. This was previously a limitation in Slack that we've addresses
  • We've added information about your team and plan to the Form dashboard to help any troubleshooting
  • Many bug fixes and performance updates

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Written by: Joshua

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