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Using our new "Custom Select" form field, you can now add a select element containing your own values. 

Form Custom Select Drop Down Element

Adding Custom Select Elements 

Once you've added your custom select elements, you can add values to your drop down. Your values should be separated by a comma.

custom drop down form elements

 When your preview your form, you will see the values populated in your drop down.

Slack forms populate drop down


Enabling multiple choice

You can allow people submitting your form to choose multiple options from their Form. In the edit drop down menu, select "Make Multiple Choice" to allow for multiple selections. Select "Make Single Choice" to make the select single choice.

Forms make multiple choice

Slack Forms custom drop down multi select preview

When a user submits the Form element, it will be posted back to the channel:

Slack Forms custom drop down custom select

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Written by: Josh

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